The Illinois Chapter of the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisers

About Us

Since 1983, we have been a professional organization of municipal and

county staff and officials, organizations, and technical and legal advisors

serving the citizens of Illinois through the development, regulation, and

administration of all aspects of wired and wireless broadband

communications. We are a regional chapter of the National Association of

Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA).  

Illinois NATOA's scope includes cable TV, Public, Educational, and

Governmental (PEG) access programming, Right-of-Way management,

cellular telecommunications, Internet and data transmission technology, and

local fiber optic systems. 

The purposes of Illinois NATOA are:

A. Establishing and administering a system for the sharing of information

about broadband issues and activities that impact local government.

B. Education and training:

(1) to enhance the capacity of members to deal with cable and 

telecommunications issues; and

(2) to improve the administration of cable franchises, Right-of-Way

ordinances, cable and video consumer protection, and to promote the use of

cable systems, PEG operations, and sociamedia by local governments, schools, and other related organizations;

C. Technical and informational assistance to our members;

D. Federal and State legislative research and advocacy of telecommunications

issues affecting local governments and the public;

E. Providing a forum for open and balanced discussion and debate of

communications issues; and

F. Coordination and participation with NATOA and other professional

organizations for the overall improvement of communications services to the